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  • 20 Oct 2014 - Roadmap

    Roadmap Momentum

    The roadmap for V1 Project Account (V1 PA) focuses on enhancing our project accounting features to improve end user experience.

    Our budgeting release is the result of feedback from our valued end users on the complexity of the existing fee allocation and estimates screens and enhancement suggestions. Our focus is on creating a single unified screen that aims to deliver the following simplistic improvements:

    Effective task and sub-task management

    Resource and expense budgets against sub-tasks

    The ability to see the impact on margins as you make changes

    Target margin definition with colour coding

    Greater focus, clarity and user-ability through highlighting specific areas as they are selected

    History audit of budget changes

    As our new budgeting screen is a critical part of the V1 PA application, we have decided to release this in stages and will involve early adopter sites, so we can ensure this substantial change to our software meets all our customer requirements. Our sincere intention is to deliver solid and simple functional enhancements.

    We also use V1 PA across the Advanced Computer Software business so we have decided to roll this out internally before making a live change to our main V1 PA SaaS environment.

    Initial feedback of the new budgeting screens highlighted a project performance page would be of additional value. This page will sit over the top of the budgeting screens and provide summary figures of budgets against forecast and actuals for all projects. To ensure we can deliver this functionality to all of our users in one go, we will add in an additional phase to our budgeting release.

    Underneath we have listed our phase 1 budgeting release timescales. If you have any questions about this release or the V1 PA roadmap, then please do not hesitate to contact Linda Kelly your Account Manager or call her for a friendly chat on 01625 856544.

  • 17 Apr 2014 - Customer Notice

    Internet Explorer 11 update

    We are aware of an issue affecting users of Internet Explorer 11 whereby a setting called Compatibility View can interfere with the operation of V1PA causing a misperception that the system is to blame. We recommend that all clients using IE11 should disable this setting at their earliest convenience to avoid any such problems.

    Instructions for disabling Compatibility View can be found here. Please ensure the option 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' is also deactivated.